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After you’ve made a direct booking you always receive a confirmation. We recommend the following:

  • Check the spam or unwanted e-mail folder in your e-mail program. It is possible that the answer of the B&B owner accidentally ended up in this folder.
  • If you can’t find the confirmation in your unwanted email folder either, then please contact the helpdesk so we can send you the confirmation again.

You can use the following payment methods for an Instant Booking on

MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Sofortbanking, iDEAL, Giropay, Discover, Alipay, Diners Club, Visa Delta

Payment and communication via ensures that you’re protected by our conditions for use and cancellation. If you pay or communicate outside, we cannot offer you this protection (e.g. fair settlement of a cancellation) and you are at greater risk of being affected by fraud and other security issues. ( holds your payment in trust and only pays the booking amount to the B&B owner once you’ve arrived at the B&B in question.)

Your booking confirmation will contain contact details for the B&B owner.

This depends on the accommodation you’ve booked. Bookings can sometimes be modified. To do this, click on the ‘Manage my booking’ link in your confirmation email. If this option is unavailable in your booking confirmation, you’ll have to cancel your existing booking and start again.

Reservations at can be made by means of Reservation Request or Instant Booking. Follow these step for Reservation Requests and Instant Bookings:

  1. Having searched for a B&B, click on ‘View B&B’.
  2. Enter possible arrival and departure dates and choose one or more available rooms to book.
  3. Now click on ‘Reservation request’ or ‘Reserve’.
    If ‘Reserve’ is displayed, you can immediately book your stay. In this case, your booking will immediately be confirmed as per Step 5. B&Bs that offer an instant booking option are identified by the following icon: 
  4. Enter and double-check your details.
  5. In case of an instant booking, you’ll go through the payment process and immediately receive a booking confirmation by email. If you’ve made a reservation request, please wait for the B&B owner to respond and confirm your booking.

If you’ve submitted a Reservation Request to a B&B, you will have received a copy of your request by email. You and the B&B owner will subsequently communicate to confirm the booking before it is definite.

If you have followed a B&B’s Instant Booking procedure, you will have gone through the payment process or entered your credit card details, after which a booking confirmation will have been emailed to you.


B&B owners generally respond within 24 hours of a reservation request being made, but please note that this may be affected by different time zones or a B&B owner’s temporary lack of internet access. It could also be the case that your booking request was overlooked by the B&B owner, or something else may have gone wrong. We recommend that you do the following:

  • Check the spam or unwanted e-mail folder in your e-mail program. It is possible that the answer of the B&B owner accidentally ended up in this folder.
  • Try to reach the B&B by telephone. Often, the telephone number is mentioned on the presentation page.
  • If this doesn’t help, we advice you to make a request at another B&B.


In some countries, our offer of B&Bs is supplemented with small-scale accommodations of affiliate partners, such as, Interhome and Belvilla.


You can cancel your booking via your booking confirmation that you received when you made your booking. It will contain a link to your booking’s cancellation page.

When you book a holiday or accommodation in your own country or abroad, it’s always wise to take out cancellation insurance. You’ll be pleased when such a cancellation insurance policy covers your expenses in the event of illness, death, natural disasters or security issues.

As soon as you cancel an Instant Booking, you’ll receive an automated confirmation email.

You’ll be refunded within 7 working days.

  • We consider the cancellation of bookings by B&B owners a very serious matter because such cancellations create negative experiences among guests.
  • If a B&B owner cancels, the guest receives a full refund. In such cases, the cancellation conditions do not apply.
  • The Instant Booking option for this B&B could be withdrawn.

The above will not apply in case of extraordinary circumstances or if the B&B owner is uncomfortable with a certain booking.

If B&B owners are uncomfortable with certain bookings, they are not obliged to receive the guests. In such a case, a B&B owner is permitted to cancel a booking without being penalised. Below are examples of situations in which B&B owners are free to cancel:

  • Guests have not responded to questions that the B&B owner needs answered.
  • Guests have hinted that B&B house rules, such as pet or smoking policies, may be violated.

B&B owners are not permitted to cancel bookings on the basis of the race, skin colour, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender or marital statuses of guests.

Sometimes, guests or B&B owners cannot meet booking obligations because of certain circumstances. This would be the case in the following situations:

  • Death or serious illness of the B&B owner, the guest or their immediate family members (father, mother, spouse, brother, sister or child).
  • Serious injury suffered, meaning that the guest cannot travel or the B&B owner cannot, within reason, be expected to receive his guests.
  • In case of natural disasters or extreme weather conditions at the destination or point of departure.
  • In case of security problems or negative travel advisories issued by the authorities after the time of booking.
  • If a reliable national or international authority has defined a disease as endemic to the destination or point of departure.
  • If the B&B has suffered serious material damage, meaning that guests cannot be accommodated safely.
  • If obligations are imposed on the guest or B&B owner by the authorities, e.g. jury duty or acting as a trial witness.

If you as guest believe that your reason for cancellation falls within one of these extraordinary cancellation conditions, then cancel your Instant Booking as soon as possible via your booking confirmation. The B&B owner will automatically be notified about your cancellation. We also recommend that you contact your cancellation insurer.

If a B&B owner cancels due to one of the abovementioned situations, you will immediately be informed about the cancellation. You’ll receive a refund of the full booking amount. will also help you find alternative accommodation.

Contact the B&B owner if a problem unexpectedly arises at check-in. This will give the B&B owner a chance to resolve the problem so that your stay at the Bed & Breakfast can continue.

If the problem cannot be solved along with the B&B owner, click on ‘Report a problem’ in your booking confirmation to explain the problem to us. Don’t forget to attach photographs of the situation.

Once you’ve notified us about the problem using the ‘Report a problem’ link, we’ll put the payment to the Bed & Breakfast on hold until we have assessed the situation. However, your notification must reach us within the two working days following check-in.

In certain situations, you will indeed be entitled to a (partial) refund, as long as you’ve notified us by 11:30 local time on the day after check-in using the ‘Report a problem’ link in your booking confirmation. These situations are generally divided into three categories:

  • The B&B owner cannot give you access to the accommodation.
  • The accommodation does not match the impression created in the listing.
  • There are hygiene or safety issues with the accommodation.

If the situation falls within one of these categories or if we decide that that problem is of such a nature that you are entitled to a (partial) refund, we will suggest that you receive a (partial) refund. The refund amount will depend on the nature of the problem.

The booking amount will be paid to the B&B owner two working days after you check-in. If you have a problem at check-in, you must report this to us within two working days. If you report a problem after two working days, the payment will have already been sent and unfortunately we will not be able to get you a (partial) refund. In such a case, you can contact the B&B owner directly and work towards a solution together. Please inform us if you’re unable to reach an agreement with the B&B owner.

Cancellation policies vary per B&B. In most cases, you’ll find the cancellation conditions under ‘Conditions’ on the listing page. If you’ve made a Booking Request, the B&B owner may specify cancellation conditions in your email communication before the booking is confirmed.


If you encounter a problem during your stay (e.g. Wi-Fi not working), immediately report the problem to the B&B owner. The owner may be able to quickly solve the problem. This is the most effective way of continuing an enjoyable stay.

Try to discuss your complaint with the B&B owner. You and the owner could probably resolve your complaint together. If your complaint cannot be resolved by you and the B&B owner, you can submit a complaint using the contact form. considers complaints a very serious matter and notes all complaints in its system. If receives repeated complaints about a B&B, with repeated implying 2 or more complaints within a one-year period, BBE may end a listing without notice. Also see the Terms and Conditions.

If you submit a complaint during or after your stay at the B&B, we unfortunately cannot ensure that you’ll get a refund. By then, we would have paid the booking amount to the B&B. We recommend that you discuss the problem with the B&B owner in order to reach a suitable resolution. If you encounter a problem at check-in, we ask that you immediately report the problem.

If you’re unsatisfied with your website user experience, you can submit a complaint via the contact form on We will respond to your message as soon as possible.


The rates are based on two persons per night, including breakfast and tourist tax, unless otherwise defined by the owner.

This varies per Bed & Breakfast. The conditions related to a possible deposit can, in most cases, be found on the listing page. The B&B owner may also specify a possible deposit in your email communication prior to the booking being confirmed.


When your reservation was made through, you will automatically receive an email after you return home. On the basis of this e-mail, you can write a review on

It is possible that you made a reservation with the B&B owner by telephone, or that the B&B owner corresponded with your outside our system. It is then possible that your reservation was not registered in our system. In this case you will not receive a review form.


Guest reviews are highly appreciated. Please respect the following guide lines when writing a review:

  • Only write a review if you actually spent the night in the B&B concerned.
  • Don’t just give grades, but further define your review as well.
  • Anonymous reviews or reviews that are placed under a false name can be removed.
  • The B&B owner or other stakeholders are excluded from participation.
  • Obscene language, discriminating and offending texts, advertisements, incorrect or deliberately damaging information are not allowed. has the right to alternate or remove reviews that do not meet the guide lines without further explanation.

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